Tech Data UK

Motion design for Trusted Advisor

Above: Tech Data UK's Trusted Advisor social media video animation, promoting Google Chrome Enterprise

Designing an easily editable 3D social media template,
for Tech Data UK

I have recently designed a new social media template to help promote Tech Data UK's website, 'Trusted Advisor'.

The brief included the requirement that the template could be edited in the future, without the need to have to change complex 3D files.

I built a solution within Adobe After Effects, which included a custom designed pre-composed 3D model of a generic smartphone. This model was pre-rendered within Cinema 4D as an alpha video file.

The result allows staff members to easily swap-out the text and screenshots, which are tracked automatically onto the pre-rendered smartphone screen.

Statistics from Tech Data UK's Twitter posts show a huge increase in interaction when the video is included within social media campaigns.