Win Cash Live TV

Above: Clips from Win Cash Live, broadcast on STV in Scotland

Feel the Thrill on STV and Sky!

Win Cash Live was a live nightly television show in 2015 which was broadcast across Scotland on the STV family of channels (STV, STV Edinburgh and STV Glasgow) and across the rest of the UK on Sky 261.

The show featured a variety of ‘lottery’ style games targeted at viewers with a female skew. Unlike other gambling shows on television, Win Cash Live purposefully tried to rid itself of jargon and ‘confusing bits’ helping to create clear concise ways of winning money through a television or the shows website.

On-screen 'Slider Glider' graphics were produced for the show (using the existing corporate brand guidelines) and completely new game concepts. Before broadcast, all of the graphics had to be signed off by both STV and GambleAware to ensure viewers were protected at all times, due to the nature of gambling and lottery style broadcasts.